Schemes of Work 🗄️

NEW: Climate Change Resource Bank

A comprehensive and in-depth set of resources linked to the Geography syllabus about climate change is now available via the Geographical Assoication. They come complete with teachers notes, student worksheets, glossaries and links to further reading/resources.

One part of the job I really enjoyed was putting together whole units of work and programmes of study. Happy to share some Key Stage 3 and 4 Geography freely, but do consider saying ‘thank you’ by buying me a ‘coffee’.

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🧒 Key Stage 3 (11-14 Years)

Download, for free from TES, three fully resourced KS3 schemes of work which were developed for the ‘life after levels’ national curriculum reforms between 2014-2017. You can also look at my older schemes of work which are archived on Google Drive.

On Thick Ice (Glaciation)

Middle East: Centre of the World

London & Mumbai: Tale of Two Cities

KS3 SoW Archive

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❄️ On Thick Ice: Glacial Landscapes (2014)

Download from TES for free. TES rating: (21)

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🐪 The middle East: centre of the world (2016)

Download from TES for free. TES rating: (45)

Update to Lesson 8 of the Middle East unit: Massive thanks to Clare Akrasi, Geography, Travel & Tourism Teacher at St Richard’s Catholic College for creating a task sheet for students using ArcGIS. Download a copy here:

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🏙️ London & Mumbai: A Tale of Two Cities (2017)

Mock GCSE unit based on AQA 8035. Download from TES for free.

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🗃️ Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work Archive

Click on the icons below to download my old KS3 scheme of works. They may be getting a little dated now, but you are very welcome to have a rummage and see what you can adapt, adjust and develop for your own students. Just make sure you give me a shout-out and credit where appropriate (or credit to those whose resources I’ve incorporated), and ensure you share-on freely, too!

Where in the World Are We?

Can You Feel the Earth Moving?

The Spread of the Human Race

The World of Sport

Europe: Our Continent Land & Sky

Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind? (DME)

Development & Globalisation

Antarctica: The Last Wilderness (DME)

You may need the SMART Notebook Viewer and Aegis3 GIS Viewer to access some of the files.

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🧑 Key Stage 4 (14-16 Years)

When I headed into my career break I was mid-way through developing resources for the AQA GCSE Geography (8035) syllabus. Here’s everything that I put together. If you teach a different syllabus, a good idea would be to check out my blog’s GCSE syllabus index and filter by topic, so you can see which AQA content match up with other exam boards.

Hope you find something useful!

3.1 Physical Environment

3.1.1 Challenge of Natural Hazards

3.1.2 The Living World

3.1.3 UK Physical Landscapes

3.2 Human Environment

3.2.1 Urban Issues & Challenges

3.2.2 The Changing Economic World

3.2.3 The Challenge of Resource Management

3.3 Geographical Applications

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Let’s build something together

Interested in collaborating on a scheme of work? Would you like my input into a scheme, either as a consultant or co-author?

Thank you! All my education work via the Geogramblings’ “Life Geographic” blog is done all in my spare time, at my own cost but is free for you to access and enjoy. If you can spare a few pence, I’d be delighted if you could show your thanks by ‘buying me a coffee.

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