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A Year 10 GCSE workshop introducing the topic of climate change by using a combination of critical thinking, GIS, questioning and graphical skills (Credit: Frances Moss).

Workshop for teachers about renewable energy and appropriate technology in Malawi, in preparation for their exchange trip to the country (Credit: Joc Mack).

“Teaching Climate Change as Part of a High-Quality Geography Curriculum” Webinar for the National College for both primary and secondary phases (Credit: The National College)

Educational expertise and consultancy for public-facing science-based projects such as the EU Copernicus Climate Change Service Education Demonstrator (Credit: WEMC)

Engaging and motivating educational talks on a wide range of topics, for primary school children all the way through to adult audiences.

Whether it is online via remote connection or in-person, I can deliver talks, webinars, workshops and seminars to support your event, lesson or conference using a range of techniques that suit your audience and your aims.

I cover a range of topics and issues, but have particular expertise and insight into:

  • All Geography, Natural/Earth/Environmental/Social Science curriculum topics at Primary & Seconday level
  • Meteorology, climate & climate change, and the scientific processes behind them
  • Renewable energy
  • Applying Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in the classroom
  • Fieldwork techniques
  • Student/youth leadership and empowerment
  • Critical thinking techniques
  • Use of drama and creative writing as a medium to explore geographical issues
  • Safeguarding through the Geography curriculum
  • Decolonising the Geography curriculum
  • Effective scientific communication to non-expert audiences
  • LGBTQ+ issues (particularly gender indentity)

I also offer expert guidence and consultancy services for science and education projects that aim to engage with the public and high-schools, which focus on any of the above.


Helping to prepare teachers participating in the Norwich-Dedza Partnership for their exchange trip to Malawi, using my experience from being part of the process a few years earlier. After teachers returned to the UK with their Malawian counterparts in June, I hosted a workshop as part of a carousel of activities for Primary schools taking place in conference run by the Norwich-Dedza Partnership. The workshops involved using pictures taken by myself on my trip to Malawi, some games and use of solar-powered gadgets to help young children understand how solar energy works.

Kit’s clear & interactive teaching style ensures full understanding of students. Kit engages them quickly, making learning interesting & exciting with excellent teaching strategies. Each student is acknowledged & made to feel important. Kit is a gentle and intelligent educator with deep subject knowledge & a professional, friendly approach.

Sue Eagle, Lead Co-ordinator for the Norwich-Dedza Partnership

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