Bonus Resources for Nat Geo Kids ‘Everything: Sustainable Energy’

National Geographic Kids Everything: Sustainable Energy is available now! Some ideas and concepts didn't make it into the final draft of the book, or they were edited in a way to make them more accessible to a younger audience (while the original is still very much useful for the older kids!). So to celebrate the official release date of the book, I offer up some 'bonus extras' for you!

My first publication out soon: Nat Geo Kids Everything Sustainable Energy

It is with immense excitement and pride that I can finally let you all know some news that I've been keeping hush for a while now. Not because of any Non-Disclosure Agreement, but mostly for almost the entirety of the process I thought it was too good to be true. But now, I have a … Continue reading My first publication out soon: Nat Geo Kids Everything Sustainable Energy

ReTeach Geography: diversify and enrich your wider reading

Myself and a handful of talented geography teacher educators were involved in the development of a new free-to-use resource for teachers. ReTeach UK helps you introduce fresh perspectives, broader subject knowledge and diverse thinking into topics.

Examples of climate and energy data visualisations and how they can be used in the classroom

An article written for the World Energy and Meteorology Council (WEMC). It is becoming increasingly common place that education departments of governments around the world are including climate change in statutory policy. One such example is the recently released Sustainability and climate change: a strategy for the education and children’s services systems by the UK … Continue reading Examples of climate and energy data visualisations and how they can be used in the classroom

The Slow Ways Shout! (GACONF22 TEACHMEET)

I don't know why I put myself through it! A love for performing, geography and educating - all rolled into one, I guess! Almost every Geographical Association Conference Teachmeet I get lyrical. This year, I decided to honour the epic efforts and achievements of the team behind developing the Slow Ways.

Coffee & Geography: Learning from everyday conversations (GAConf22 Session)

Started as a pandemic ‘comfort project’ but growing into something so much more, Coffee and Geography was a podcast where I simply chatted to people. These chats led to exploring connections and intersections through a geographical lens, but also helped to broaden my horizons, check my own privilege, and bring back some faith in humanity. Bring a brew and come and find out what I’ve learnt, which can be useful anecdotes and aids in the classroom, from these ‘everyday’ conversations.

GAConf22 Coffee & Geography Special!

A few days ago I attended, in person, my first Geographical Association Annual Conference since 2019. The same was true of all other geography educators, since the last two had been totally online. This conference is for geography teachers, academics, exhibitors and students. It is always a wonderful event. Now that I have a podcast, I took the opportunity of grabbing my mobile recording equipment and doing a bit of recording for you all! Enjoy the listen.

The IPCC AR6 WG2 Report: A Teachers’ Guide

This is part 2 of my teachers' guide for the IPCC's 6th Assessment (AR6) on climate change. Part 1 covered the report released last year on the updated science on climate change. Now the IPCC's Working Group 2 (WG2) report, focusing on the impacts of climate change, is out. Having completed a read of the report myself, I can say with some morbidness but conviction, that the terms climate crisis and climate emergency are well and truly justified.

Atlas of the Invisible: A Conversation with Prof James Cheshire

Some colleagues and I have had the privilege of working with James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti, developing educational materials for their latest book Atlas of The Invisible. The book is truly is an impressive piece of work, deserving of the three awards and positive reviews received so far. In my opinion it is a must have for the school library, and teachers can make so much use of it in various ways.

Coffee & Geography Podcast Season’s end: “Baamaapii”

It’s been my first full foray into podcating as a host and producer and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure, the production side of things has been taxing at times, but I've loved developing new skills. But without a shadow of a doubt it has been all the guests that have given me the most pleasure. To celebrate and reflect, I thought I'd put together a piece of poetry. Enjoy.