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TES Ratings

I am so grateful for all the guidance and support that Kit offered throughout the Make it Count tutoring program at UEA. I always trusted that I could go to Kit for anything; for encouragement, resources, or feedback on my sessions. Kit went above and beyond as a mentor, and their help extended to everyone, at any time and regarding any matter.

Gabriella Revach, Make It Count (KS3) Tutor at University of East Anglia

Gabriella Revach

A selection of reviews recieved by participants of the “Teaching Climate Change in Primary Schools as Part of a High-Quality Geography Curriculum” and “Teaching Climate Change in Primary Schools as Part of a High-Quality Geography Curriculum” webinars, hosted by The National College, on behalf of the Geographical Association. 

Kit was a great presenter and helped guide me to further resources and comprehensible vocabulary for the younger years.

– Nicole Hussey, Teacher – Elangeni School (Primary)

I found this so inspiring I cried during the poem. The message about empowering and creating agency rather than allowing us and our children to be depressed by climate change was powerful. I feel like I have a direction to move in now.

– Natasha Burrows, Teacher – St Marys RC Primary School

The webinar on Climate Change in the Primary Curriculum was inspiring and thought-provoking. The points made were really clear and resonated with children that we have in our school community with sense of anxiety but also their motivation and how we can increase their empowerment. It has inspired me to go away and get clued up on the correct facts from the right places and speak to our Leadership team about what to do next.

– Ceiri Withers, Subject Lead – Harpenden Academy (Primary)

Thank you for the huge wealth of knowledge you imparted. I’m looking forward to setting up a Y7 drop down day to enable students to gain a ‘passport’ of being climate change aware and empowered in our school.

– Rose Taylor, Teacher – Chew Valley School (Secondary)

Very well presented, clear and concise and inspiring. Thank you Kit.

– Colin Mannion, Teaching Assistant – Ormiston Sudbury Academy (Secondary)

Thank you to everyone who left their thoughts in review of the webinars!

The National College: Climate Change as Part of a High-Quality Geography Curriculum

I could not recommend Kit enough. They are an absolute pleasure to work with. Kit always went the extra mile to make myself and my team confident in their ability to fulfil all the tasks at hand to an outstanding level. This exemplary work ethic and their knowledge of the education sector lead to the development of a superior demonstrator tool at the end of the contract.

Sophie Marsden, ex-Copernicus Contracts Administrator and Reporting Officer at ECMWF

Sophie Marsden

Kit is so passionate about Geography. Their enthusiasm to engage students from the start and get them critically thinking about the world we live in is creditworthy. Our students left the session Kit led with a greater appreciation about the climate challenge facing the global community.

Frances Moss, Head of Geography, Attleborough Academy Norfolk

Frances Moss

Kit delivered two webinars for Digimap for Schools, ‘Mapping a Walk’ and ‘Virtual Field Trips’. We got brilliant feedback on the sessions – teachers felt inspired and that they had learnt a lot. I was really impressed with Kit’s work. They know their stuff and is an engaging presenter. We will definitely be using them again. Highly recommend!

Vivienne Mayo, EDINA Training & e-Learning Officer

Vivienne Mayo

A student’s perspective

Kit was my favourite teacher at school due to their genuine passion and enthusiasm for geography. Kit has a fantastic ability to clearly communicate complex ideas by using a wide variety of engaging teaching methods and has admirable determination to help each individual reach their potential.

Jihanna Bonilla-Allard, ex-student

Jihanna Bonilla-Allard

Teacher training & CPD

Kit came to speak to teachers from our local geography network. It was an excellent session; well planned and resourced. Everything was explained clearly and in an engaging way. The session had immediate impact, with resources developed for use with students in the weeks that followed.

Denise Freeman, Head of Geography and Quality of Teaching & Learning Coordinator

Denise Freeman

Kit established a team of Geography Subject Leaders at Framingham Earl High School, something no other department was doing at the time. Together we collaborated on designing the curriculum, establishing peer mentoring for GCSE students and organising field trips. As a 15 year old this responsibility and encouragement was enormously beneficial to my personal development and, along with Kit’s work in the classroom, instilled a real love and enthusiasm in me for Geography. This is something I have pursued at university and I still look back on those formative years as where it all started.

Tom Nott, Ex-student

Tom Nott

Kit taught me how to be kind, empathetic and caring. After my Mum died of cancer, Kit spent the time to talk to me in the right way and as a youngster then, looking back now – their actions were crucial in my ability to bounce back from the hardest moment of my entire life. Kit took the time to write me a letter that I’ll forever grateful for.

Chris Reeve, Ex-student

Chris Reeve