Teacher training & CPD

I really loved the session I virtually attended [on climate change and GIS]. Kit was not only engaging, interesting and explained everything exceptionally well, but inspired me to do some work of my own relating to the topic.

Laura Bytheway, Teacher

Laura Bytheway

A student’s perspective

Entirely off their own back, Kit organised and ran a trip for 12 geography enthusiasts at our high school to Yellowstone National Park. The trip was incredibly varied, action-packed, and full of opportunities to learn new things in an engaging and memorable way, and I can only imagine the amount of hard work Kit must have put in to organise this!

Tom Musgrove, Ex-student

Tom Musgrove

A student’s perspective

Kit was always innovative with ideas to deliver sessions which, alongside their passion and enthusiasm for the subject made learning something to look forward to. Some of the best sessions I’ve had in mainstream education were delivered by Kit and their commitment to improve these to best educate everyone was evident. One of my favourite teachers!

Nathan Mitchell, Ex-student

Nathan Mitchell

Talks & workshops with students

Kit’s clear & interactive teaching style ensures full understanding of students. Kit engages them quickly, making learning interesting & exciting with excellent teaching strategies. Each student is acknowledged & made to feel important. Kit is a gentle and intelligent educator with deep subject knowledge & a professional, friendly approach.

Sue Eagle, Lead Co-ordinator for the Norwich-Dedza Partnership

Sue Eagle

Teacher training & CPD

Kit has a clear, deep understanding of their subject, plus the ability to enable people to understand. I really appreciated their interactive style. Kit engages their learners immediately, with a professional, friendly approach. They quickly guage existing knowledge and understanding, and work from there, checking growing understanding & success.

Sue Eagle, Lead Co-ordinator for the Norwich-Dedza Partnership

Sue Eagle

Teacher training & CPD

Kit was incredibly well prepared and provided us with an engaging workshop about energy-meteorology education. It is one of the few sessions I remember very clearly from the conference! The mix of videos, group tasks and discussion in a relaxed and friendly setting was a fantastic way to learn about the topic from a passionate expert. Thanks Kit!

Dr Hannah Bloomfield, Research Scientist & Meteorologist

Dr Hannah Bloomfield

Collaborations and partnerships

Kit is just incredibly knowledgeable about what they do – the data, the geography, the technicalities. They dig deep and fully commit to each project they work on to deliver expert, authoritative information and learning.

Debbie Woodliffe, Ex-colleague

Debbie Woodliffe

Teacher training/CPD

Kit is a very engaging speaker and their knowledge was incredibly useful and practical. If I saw Kit on a list of speakers for an event, I would sign up straightaway!

Clare Proctor, Teacher

Clare Proctor

Collaborations and partnerships

Kit Rackley is an amazing educator. Kit’s connection to kids and teenagers is evident immediately. Kit also has immense knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter of geography in all its forms, from weather to climate to landforms to field research. Kit is such a pleasure to work with, their passion always shines through.

Carolyn Szoke, Outreach with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Boulder, CO, USA

Carolyn Szoke

A student’s perspective

I started school very shy, uncertain about myself and incredibly lost with my sexuality. I was lucky to have Kit as a tutor and geography teacher – turning it into a lesson I loved. They were so personable and open to helping me in and out of lesson that I honestly believe they are one the reasons I can be so confident in myself and my education.

Kieran, Ex-student