The beginning of something… different


It is a very, very strange day. This day has long been for me the excitement and anxiety of the students returning to school. But for the first time in 12 years, it’s not. I feel admittedly slightly lost and unmotivated. My wife and two sons travelled ahead of me and are already in the USA, so I don’t have their company for a welcome distraction. No home (it’s empty awaiting the tenants to take residence) and no company for now (a kind ex-colleague of mine is allowing me to lodge at hers in Norwich is on holiday). But I’m sitting here making my first real blog entry! That’s a start, and now I can get some momentum going!

While the sabbatical, according to the calendar, starts today, it’s really been a long time in the planning. Copious amount of paperwork, (US) visa applications and visits, forming partnerships and plans with different people and organisations. It’s somewhat overwhelming what I’ve already pulled off before the year even started – and I’ve still got some way to go.

I’d like to put a call out to anyone out there who perhaps would like to work, collaborate or just simply share ideas with me. Please have a look at the “About” page for my background and what this blog will all be about – teachers, educators and those who work in the environmental sector may be particularly interested; and check the “Contact” page for a provisional itinerary. I will also be adding to my “Portfolio” as I go along, which will house teaching resources etc.

Here we go…!




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