Explor[atorium], Dream, Discover

In less than an hour I’ll be heading to the airport to start the second chapter of my sabbatical in San Francisco. And although I had an amazing time with NOAA in Colorado, and will miss my family deeply, who are staying in Minnesota, I’m like a little excited kid to be heading to California!

Credit: Pete Kiehart, The Chronicle (source)

Things I’m looking forward to (or hope to experience):

  • Spending two months in a campervan (yes, it’s all I can afford! But it’ll be more like glamping than camping, I’ll have all the necessities)
  • Getting back on a bike again. I’ll wont be borrowing or renting cars, unless I have the time and money to go off and explore somewhere… It’s time to make a New Year’s resolution (getting fit again) stick this time
  • An earthquake! I suppose I better be careful what I wish for… most certainly one that does not put anyone or their livelihoods at risk, although such things are inevitable in San Francisco. Just a little harmless tremor would be nice. (Me = thrill seeker & geography teacher; c’mon, it makes sense, right!?)
  • Working along side an in-law (one of my wife’s cousins) who is super fun and a geek like me at one of the most popular science museums in the country
  • Getting a great view of the city from Sutro Tower, using my contacts at NOAA Boulder to see if I can help collect an air sample or two from there
  • A slightly milder climate, similar to back home! Don’t get me wrong, Minnesota in the winter is beautiful, but because it is so cold I kind of miss the ol’ maritime damp mild and grey. Just a little!
From http://mikemcbrearty.com/climate/ (use to find out which cities have similar climates to your choice)

I know very well how quickly just a couple of months go by. So here’s hoping I make the most of it!


California, here I come!



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