Why Not Now?: Litter picking and cleaning rivers


You’re the soul of the community and so
Become the centre of it too
Join, lead, run an event
Pick up litter, clean that river

Youth Climate Summit Ambassador Ella has been to a few events, one being an Extinction Rebellion (XR) litter picking rally in Richmond along the River Thames, starting at Teddington Lock. Litter being washed or thrown into rivers is a huge problem, not only posing a danger to wildlife but also being redeposited as waste if the river was to flood.

Ella also wrote a a double acrostic poem that she wanted to share. Can you spot the two messages?

Climate change, it’s this millenniums great dilemma
Like the elephant in the room or a ticking time bomb
It’s the topic which is avoided, if we only knew “knowledge is power” 
Mask the horrors but someone needs to step up, but who?
Amidst the chaos of 2020 it will be hard to take another risk
To accept our big mistake for what it is and change
End all the lies and make a plan.

Clothes, food and waste, the taking for granted must stop!
Honesty is now the only policy, this is no longer simply moral.
Action by the government and the people will kick start the new era.” 
Now we act. Flood the media, reduce your footprint and limit consumption
Go green, go blue and go crazy and get active.
Enough is enough, together we can fight to save out planet, we must



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