Why Not Now?: The Penpont Project


Together? What about three-hundred?
Farmers, landowners, conservationists
Will partner with you on a Brecon Beacon’s bluff
Just faith and trust is all it takes

Follow in their footsteps, set off a chain reaction
And restore nature away from the rough

Youth Climate Summit Ambassador Hana had the privilege of taking part in the Penpont Project, a scheme run by Action For Conservation but the first UK nature rehabilitation project to be run by young people.

The Penpont Project, set in the Breacon Beacons, even gained the attention of major media outlets such as the BBC and The Guardian.

A video summary of the project by the BBC via https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-48869195

The PenPoint website states:

Taking place on an upland estate in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, the pioneering “Penpont Project” is run by a Youth Leadership Group of twenty 12-17 year olds from diverse backgrounds. Working in partnership with tenant farmers, the landowners, conservationists and local stakeholders, they are restoring habitats and ecosystems and exploring innovative farming and forestry approaches to provide a healthy support system for people, biodiversity and agriculture.

Action For Conservation

It is a shining example of how young people, with the guidance of experts, can take ownership, care and responsibility for a major project.



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