06 May 2019 – This is an imported page from an old blog I kept during my travels to Malawi. Next month (June 2019) as part of this year’s Norwich-Dedza Partnership exchange, teachers from Malawi will be visiting the UK. So in celebration and preparation for that, I will be re-blogging the thoughts I made during my visit in 2013.

You can find an index of all the 2013 Malawi blog entries here. Zikomo!


25th May 2013; Heathrow Airport, UK

For all those geeks (like me) who like to track flights (like me), our flight numbers are KQ101 (Heathrow to Nairobi, Kenya) and KQ724 (Nairobi to Lilongwe, Malawi). Boarding very soon! I HOPE this won’t be the last post! Fingers cross for some kind of data connection.

Tilikubwera ku Africa!!!
Chichewa – We’re coming to Africa!!!



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