Akubwera ku Norwich!

29 April 2019 – This is an imported page from an old blog I kept during my travels to Malawi in 2013. At some point I will re-format it and make it look pretty with the original pictures! Stay tuned 🙂 – Kit

Akubwera ku Norwich!
Norwich, United Kingdom

Norwich, United Kingdom

While the azungu’s trip to Malawi may be over (for this year at least), it is not the end of the journey. Nick, Anthea and Nigel stayed put in Dedza for a bit longer and now they are on their way back. Accompanying them are some of our partners from Malawi: Francis (Umbwi Secondary School), Maximina (Happy Nursery, Dedza), Alfred (Chilanga Primary), Fanny (Kalinyeke) and Makaka (Kaphuka Primary). They will be arriving in Norwich sometime later tomorrow morning. A busy schedule awaits them!

I’ll do my best to keep you posted with their experiences in the UK.


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