Resource: Flipboard

I’m visiting Wymondham College for the day (and Monday). It’s always lovely to get out and see my colleagues teach and interact with other students.

As a Geography teacher, there is no resource more timely and encompassing, providing a range of views and  analysis as the news. Followers of @fehs_geog know well enough that I do just as much, if not more retweeting of current news stories than I actually tweet about news coming out of the school or Geography department! But the problem with using Twitter is that as soon as a few days and a few more tweets go by, that retweeted news article is not getting any more use or exposure. Secondly, by retweeting a bit of hazard news here, globalisation news there, it all gets a bit messy!

At the end of his Year 12 AS Geography class today, Mr Richard Jarrald made his students aware of his Flipboard account. Flipboard is where you can collect articles (news, blogs etc) in one place, categorise them and encourage students themselves to read, collect, and share also. If you look at Richard’s account, you’ll see how he has set up categories, called ‘magazines’ based on topic and units of work.

Seems to me to be a very quick, simple way of collecting up news stories. Directing students to it could encourage background reading, engagement in current affairs and even be a useful tool in flipped learning.

Any other teachers out there use Flipboard? Be lovely if you post a link to it in the comments section. 🙂


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