World’s Largest Lesson: #TeachSDGs (inc. resource)

I’m taking part in the @TheWorldsLesson’s #TeachSDGs conversation on Twitter. 


In addition to engaging in the chat, I’d like to share a resource which uses the Sustainable Development Goals that I made for GCSE students, regarding the development of Nigeria according the the SDGs, and challenging the students to explore the issue of Nigeria’s debt and whether it still needs aid to help it with reaching the SDGs. Our school does AQA, but it is very relevant for any syllabus that teachers global development; in the UK specifically:

  • AQA Geography: Challenges in the human environment > The changing economic world > LIC/NEE case study
  • Edexcel Geography A: The human environment > Global development > A case study of a developing or emerging country
  • Edexcel Geography B: Global geographical issues > Development dynamics > A study of an emerging country
  • OCR Geography A: The world around us > People of the planet > Uneven development
  • OCR Geography B: People and society > Dynamic development > Uneven developement
  • Educas Geography A: Development and resource issues > Causes and consequences of uneven development at the global scale within an LIC and NIC
  • Educas Geography B: Changing places, changing economies > A global perspective on development issues > What are the causes and consequences of uneven development

When I taught this to Year 10 for the first time last academic year, it was very well received by the students and the outcomes from the consolidation homework were of high quality thought provoking, showing real understanding and application of the SDGs.

I also think I struck a very good balance between being data rich (including use of the amazing Gapminder) but thought provoking to allow deep discussions. Of all the new GCSE resources I have produced, this is one of the ones I’m most happy with 🙂

The resources are below – please do feel free to use yourself and share. I’d love to hear how you and your students got on with it. If you adapt for any reason, let me know what you did and why, and what impacts/outcomes you felt they had.

Creative Commons License
Aid and Debt in Nigeria by Kit Rackley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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