Celebrating real-life geography success stories: a call

This time of year is usually one of celebration and reflection. We all try and share heartwarming stories, reminding ourselves that there still is some good in humanity.

I would like to hear yours… from a ‘geography’ perspective.

I will be giving a presentation at the Geographical Association 2019 conference (April, Manchester), of a collection of real-life stories celebrating the positive impact Geography has on lives, attitudes and experiences. Each will be told in that feel-good way of children’s story time. Some will be nursery rhymes, some short prose, but all will have the same moral: Geography is awesome, inspiring and often life changing.

I thought about how to approach this – one which was to dig around and do some research and find stories which aren’t famous or well-known. Stories which we can all relate to, rather than the big ones that hit the news, or ones which have powers of celebrity and finance behind them. I’m looking for ‘every-day’ stories, no matter how little, how large – every small pebble can send ripples across a lake…

Do you have a such a story to share? It could be about your own experience or the experience of someone else.

I’m not setting any criteria, other than that you have the consent to share the story, and that it shows how geography is influential over people’s lives. Even better if you have references and pictures to go with. Then I’ll do my best to present the story in a creative way. You will of course be credited with sharing the story!

Interested? 🙂 Contact me via the contact form – I look forward to hearing your heartwarming geography stories.

Season’s greetings to you all.


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