Made by youngsters, for youngsters!

From 2013: Made by youngsters, for youngsters! UK high-school Geography students make lesson materials about their lives for their Malawi peers.


07 May 2019 – This is an imported page from an old blog I kept during my travels to Malawi. Next month (June 2019) as part of this year’s Norwich-Dedza Partnership exchange, teachers from Malawi will be visiting the UK. So in celebration and preparation for that, I will be re-blogging the thoughts I made during my visit in 2013.

You can find an index of all the 2013 Malawi blog entries here. Zikomo!

“Made by youngsters, for youngsters!”

20th May 2013; Framingham Earl, UK

The best gift is one which has taken a lot of thought, dedication and time to produce. In our consumer-society it is all too easy to pick up something for a few pounds, and then give it to the recipient, anxious that you’ve made the right choice.

One gift we are taking to Malawi is a learning resource that we created ourselves. Every Monday…

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