NEW EVENT: Odd Salon “Decay”

It is with excitement and pleasure that I announce that I will be part of the line-up of Odd Salon’s “Decay”, an Exploratorium residency.

Odd Salon DECAY | Dust to Dust | Exploratorium After Dark

My talk, titled “The Anthropocene: Does Arrogance Outlast Decay?” notes that humans have been a ‘force of nature’ for only a few thousand years, depending on who you listen to. It asks, is it arrogant to suggest a whole new geological epoch based on our actions? What human artefacts will be left after millions of years of decay? And even after all that, a world of zeppelin toads and carnivorous trees would have long forgotten us!

Tune in live at 7pm PST (that’s 3am BST in the UK, if you can’t sleep!) or watch later. The recording of my talk will available soon after on Odd Salon’s YouTube channel, and the whole Exploratorium After Dark event will be so both the Exploratorium’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

Find out more about this Odd Salon event here: and the Exploratorium’s After Dark programme that it features in here:…/after-dark-online-dust


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