Ask a NOAA scientist!

In 2017 I was massively privileged to have a placement at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Earth Science Research Labs in Boulder (ESRL), Colorado. This was no small thanks to one of my closest friends, Carolyn Szoke, who works there in outreach and education.

Carolyn is helping to create virtual outreach for NOAA in Boulder. The idea is to have NOAA scientists to record 5-10 minute videos explaining about the science that they do. But she, her team and the scientists need questions!

At NOAA ESRL, the scientists work on many things, but particularly:

  • meterology, forecasting and weather modelling
  • climate
  • greenhouse gas measurements
  • space weather
  • tsunamis
  • satellites
  • air pollution
  • ozone
  • forest fire smoke
  • arctic ice
  • droughts
  • floods

Having worked with some of the amazing people at NOAA ESRL, I know that they would be delighted to share their experiences. So do you as a teacher, or a group of your students want to ask a question!?

Simply get in touch with me via the contact page, or message me via Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll link you up with Carolyn.

Me building a model AirCore
Previous-life-me at NOAA, building a dummy model of a previous generation AirCore for display purposes.


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