Why Not Now?: Other Contributions

This page indexes all other contributions to the ‘Why Not Now?’ poem that do not have their own dedicated case-study page.


Theirs is a Bright Green Future

Youth Climate Summit (YCS) Ambassador Nyasha has taken part in Bright Green Future projects. ‘Bright Green Future’ (BGF) describe themselves as “an environmental leadership programme for teenagers between 14 and 19 who want to create a more sustainable future for our planet. It is a unique opportunity to learn about climate change and environmental protection, gain confidence and meet like-minded people.” Visit their website to find out more and see how you can get involved!

You’re an eco-committee which talks, plans and do
Declaring resolutely in school assemblies
“Be gone, single use plastic!
Our time with you is through!”’

YCS Ambassadors Alina, Maezie & Izzy told us that they have been involved in or organised eco-committees at their schools. Maezie, who is a member of the Eco Rep Group at her school, campaigned to reduce all single-use plastic cups from the canteen, introducing the changes in year group assemblies. Maezie feels this is one way we can address the climate crisis and stress the importance of looking after our planet.

Alina is the head of the Green Team at her school, leading it to implement and share many eco-initiatives such as Sustainable Secret Santa, Swap Shop and Anti Fast Fashion February. Through her leadership of the Green Team, Alina discovered the London Schools Eco Network and the Youth Climate Summit.

Ambassador Lina was inspired by a presentation in her school to start recycling different materials such as plastic, paper, aluminium cans etc. Since then the amount of trash her family has been throwing away has greatly decreased. Lina now uses fabric shopping bags instead of plastic ones.

Photo credit: YCS Student Ambassador Jack

Rocking a school tie mask
Catching those airborne bugs mid-flow

Ambassador Hannah has been making face-masks out of old school ties. That’s a win-win for reusing fabric and ensuring masks stick to the school uniform code!

Photo credit: YCS Student Ambassador Hannah

From forty trees to forty acres
Or for all your effort just one

Thanks to Patrick Kirwan for sharing with us video and experiences regarding running school gardens.

A high-tech composter?

STEM is not just for boys y’know

During her participation in “Girls in STEM” summer camp, Ambassador Erko co-created a composter with humidity and temperature sensors and regulators to help households address their food waste more sustainably.

See we need more plant-based solutions
From veg-ware storage, packaging

In her school, Student Ambassador Ella reports that they have switched to veg-wear, which is a plastic alternative. While she believes it doesn’t do much to reduce the need for packaging, Ella believes it’s a step in the right direction away from material that is exceptionally polluting. 

To eating less meat
Try veganism one-day a week
Get it on that school menu
You’ll be pleasantly surprised
How it can be a tasty treat
No more sibling rivalry at the dinner table

Ambassador Lina has gone vegan, while Ambassador Chloe went vegetarian and even convinced her sister to give up beef since meat has a high carbon footprint. Both Lina and Chloe are looking to see what changes they can make in their own lives towards creating a better world. 



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