Coffee & Geography: Learning from everyday conversations (GAConf22 Session)

Started as a pandemic ‘comfort project’ but growing into something so much more, Coffee and Geography was a podcast where I simply chatted to people. These chats led to exploring connections and intersections through a geographical lens, but also helped to broaden my horizons, check my own privilege, and bring back some faith in humanity. Bring a brew and come and find out what I’ve learnt, which can be useful anecdotes and aids in the classroom, from these ‘everyday’ conversations.

Download the transcript for the audio clips here:

  • Clip 9 (03:47): Eli – Experiencing local changes in the environment
  • Clip 8 (06:50): Adil – Human connection to nature
  • Clip 7 (13:44): Ro – Visibility, representation and challenging stereotypes
  • Clip 6 (17:50): Louis – What is ‘third culture’?
  • Clip 5 (22:17): Daryl – Cultural code-switching
  • Clip 4 (29:13): Keston – Unique perspectives and expertise enabling links
  • Clip 3 (33:58): Alistair – We’re not just “us’uns” and “them’uns”
  • Clip 2 (38:47): White Raven Woman Candice – Reconnecting with the land
  • Clip 1 (45:49): Akhera & Chantal – Listening and connecting to marginalized voices in the curriculum

Coffee & Geography Podcast website and resources:

Presented at the Geographical Association Hybrid Conference 2022 at the University of Surrey (12th April 2pm). Thank you to all those who participated and gave their consent for the session to be recorded. Thanks also to GAConf22 official photographer Shaun Flannery for these wonderful pictures.

Thank you! All my education work via the Geogramblings’ “Life Geographic” blog is done all in my spare time, at my own cost but is free for you to access and enjoy. If you can spare a few pence, I’d be delighted if you could show your thanks by ‘buying me a coffee.

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