Bridger Foothills Fire [Video]

An unscheduled Geogramblings vlog and post in reaction to an incident taking place at a location that is very dear to me. The Bridger Foothills Fire ignited on 4th September 2020, and overnight it expanded rapidly from 400 to 7000 acres, consuming the eastern side of the southern end of the Bridger Mountains just outside of Bozeman, Montana. This is not only an opportunity to provide some geography education on the causes, conditions, impacts and responses, but also my way of helping a community I'm connected to (but can't be present in right now) - by helping to spread the word to anyone who may wish to contribute towards fundraisers that will help members of the community get back on their feet.


“Give me a name…”;

JRR Tolkien was of course a very talented writer with an amazingly creative imagination. He once said: "Give me a name and it produces a story, not the other way about normally." This is the case with natural disasters (notice I didn't say hazards - Geography students should be about to tell you why!), for example: The Boxing Day … Continue reading “Give me a name…”;

Quiz ANSWER: What have all these names got in common?

All those names are names which were given to Atlantic hurricanes that were subsequently 'retired' due having caused significant damage, destruction or impact on people's lives or their livelihoods. From Carol in 1954, when the 'retirement' system started to Otto in 2016. My esteemed colleague and meteorologist, Chris Bell, posed a bonus question about what … Continue reading Quiz ANSWER: What have all these names got in common?

Quiz: What have all these names got in common?

One thing I hope to do would be to provide some geographical thoughts and insights into current affairs and news, and for a bit of fun, a quiz! I'll start off with a tricky one... What have all these names got in common? HINT: They are in chronological order! Carol, Edna, Hazel, Connie, Diane, Ione, … Continue reading Quiz: What have all these names got in common?