Reflection: An Ode to Hans…

Today I set about updating and ‘enhancing’ a wall display today. I still want to practise my ‘infographic’ skills – fairly satisfied with this attempt, but spent way too much time on it!


It attracted at least two colleagues to pause and take a look. I got nods of approval from both; one of them engaged on a discussion about data visualisation and asked me if I had heard of a certain Professor Hans Rosling

I said I had, and that I’m probably one of his biggest fans. He’s the main reason why I have a fancy pursuing an ‘edutainment’ type career. The discussion brought back to me a bittersweet memory from #GAConf17

Update: 11th March 2018

While the recording of the original performance isn’t available, I was delighted to give a reprise of it a year on at the end of my “At Last” population talk during an After Dark at the Exploratorium. Enjoy! 🙂


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