Hello everyone. Yes, I’ve been absent from the blogsphere for a little, but for good reason: many changes were a foot! So this entry will be more of a personal nature, but with nods to educational goodies (I hope!) which are up-and-coming.

To celebrate the “re-awaking” of this blog, I’ll be throwing a sale of 20% off all my paid resources on TpT and TES between Friday 28th September and Friday 5th October. Please go take a look. 🙂

Here we go with the quick digest:

The end of a chapter, the beginning of another

Actually, I’m coming to think of this as the end of a book in a series… After 13 years I’ve boxed up my chalk for the last time and waved goodbye to my career as a front-line teacher, at least for the foreseeable future. It was a very hard decision, but the choice came about through the combination of my experiences during my sabbatical (which now to be seen as a gap-year!), a lot of introspection, and an opportunity arising that I really couldn’t ignore.


However, to either your relief or distress (or some mixture of both!) I’m not leaving the education profession entirely. My new role* will still have me involved in the education sector, through teacher CPD, events, and school workshops. I will still be creating educational resources and I will be continuing with this blog, so keep me in your contact and resource lists! Don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you feel I can lend a hand in someway shape or form.

*While on this subject, if you are an educator and haven’t checked out this post about a potential interactive teaching tool, please do!

Shocking decision!

Returning home from my gap-year I was without a car, so… onto websites like AutoTrader to find a suitable old banger. But, after a lot of research and financial planning I only went and did it…

Yet another EV driver is on the loose…

I bought myself a used Nissan Leaf. And I tell you, that car is going to be an educational resource in itself! I’ve got half-a-dozen ideas which I’ll blog at some point or another. What I will say is that the commute to work is enjoyable again, and since the building I now work at is eco-friendly also hosts some EV charging points in the car park it seemed like the right time to take the EV plunge. I’m currently planning logistics to get to Sheffield for some GA training… I usually take the train but yet again there will be heavy disruption to the weekend service, so getting a car with an average range of 80 miles between Sheffield and Norfolk will be interesting! That’ll be something to document…

Don’t they grow up fast?

Our eldest’s depiction of the family; his first attempt at drawing people!

The planned return to the UK full-time was mindful of my eldest child starting primary school. Parents of school-age kids will know what I mean when I say both my wife and I felt a mixture of pride, relief, and sadness. We’re so proud of both our kids… their growing up so quickly. Needless to say, I’ll be following the provision of geography education at our eldest’s new school very closely! 😉


That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out my sales on TpT and TES over the next week.

Back soon!

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