Interview: Akhera & Sam (Reroot.Ed)

Before I start, all my education work via the Geogramblings’ “Life Geographic” blog is done all in my spare time, at my own cost but is free for you to access and enjoy. If you can spare a few pence, I’d be delighted if you could show your thanks by ‘buying me a coffee. Thank you!

For #BlackHistoryMonth, I had the pleasure of interviewing two inspirational young people, Akhera Williams and Sam Koffi of Reroot.Ed. Reroot.Ed is an educational campaign run by young black students. Their goal is to make the secondary school education system anti-racist, critical and inclusive.

In this interview we talk about Reroot.Ed and how it can support educators in schools. We also talk about other projects which Akhera and Sam have been involved with, aimed at giving a young minority voices a platform, empowering them to make positive and influential changes in their communities.

Full edit of the interview above. But if you’re a little shorter on time, check out the short-edit which cuts out much of the host’s waffle! 😉

Coming soon. Watch this space!

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