Decolonising Geography: A journey for #GAConf23

Each year since 2021, the Decolonising Geography group put together a pick of sessions at the Geographical Association Annual Conference, which have the potential to progress the geography teaching profession the most, with a healthy focus on decolonising education.

If you are attending this year’s conference (GAConf23) either online or in person, download this shortlist of sessions. It is not exhaustive, so please ensure you check out the full GAConf23 programme for yourself via the GA website.


In addition to the shortlist, GAConf23 delegates can download a ‘log sheet’ to record their learning and pen some ideas for growth to decolonise their classrooms and practice.


Check out the Decolonising Geography website!

Need a Decolonising Geography 101? Visit this blog post and video to get up to speed.



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