Turning football hysteria into teaching resources: Euro 2020 (2021)

Turning football hysteria into teaching resources: Euro 2020 and development indicators.

I’ll have some Geography with my Coffee…

I'll have some Geography with my Coffee...! The launch of 'Coffee & Geography Podcast' is just days away! Read why you should listen in and subscribe! #geography #geographyteacher

School safeguarding policy should consider climate change and eco-anxiety

A combination of research and experience has led me to strongly believe that climate change should be considered a safeguarding issue, therefore senior leadership at any school should give it greater attention. If you are a teacher in need of a compelling argument to take to your SLT, this could be it.

GAConf21: Thoughts & ideas from the community

This page collates notes and ideas from attendees of #GAConf21. Make sure you give them a follow and send them a message of thanks! Want to share your notes or ideas that have stemmed from the conference? Let me know!

My experience of geography fieldwork as a trans kid: a call for reflection

As schools start thinking about a return to residential fieldtrips, I share, for the first time, some traumatic memories in order to encourage all educators who engage in fieldwork, field centers and tutors to reflect and consider the extent they create a safe environment for all children, in this case, gender non-conforming and transgender children. Content warning included.

International Transgender Day of Visibility: A ‘decolonising’ perspective

A post for TDOV2021. While the narrative around decolonising education has largely coalesced around racial inequality and movements such as Black Lives Matter, and rightly so, gender diversity intersects exceptionally strongly with it.

Radical School Geography – Launch Event

Radical School Geography aims to push Geography’s critical edge and so support the development of a new and better society. Join us to democratically build an alternative vision of school #geography. #geographyteacher #radicalgeography #RadSG

Census Day 2021

It's Census Day 2021! I signpost some resources and give my take on some of the questions, including giving examples of how the census has been used as a platform for protest over the years. Also highlighted is an argument from the likes of Professor Danny Dorling that the next census should come sooner.

How to develop independent investigation questioning skills at home

How to develop independent investigation questioning skills at home. Using the 'Question Formulation Technique' in taking the six step approach to enquiries at GCSE and A-Level.

Decolonising Geography: A journey for #GAConf21

The theme for @The_GA #GAConf21 is #CompassionateGeography - To reflect that, the programme is quite diverse! So the #DecolonisingGeography educators group have collated sessions of interest. Check it out and share widely!