International Transgender Day of Visibility: A ‘decolonising’ perspective

A post for TDOV2021. While the narrative around decolonising education has largely coalesced around racial inequality and movements such as Black Lives Matter, and rightly so, gender diversity intersects exceptionally strongly with it.

Radical School Geography – Launch Event

Radical School Geography aims to push Geography’s critical edge and so support the development of a new and better society. Join us to democratically build an alternative vision of school #geography. #geographyteacher #radicalgeography #RadSG

Census Day 2021

It's Census Day 2021! I signpost some resources and give my take on some of the questions, including giving examples of how the census has been used as a platform for protest over the years. Also highlighted is an argument from the likes of Professor Danny Dorling that the next census should come sooner.

How to develop independent investigation questioning skills at home

How to develop independent investigation questioning skills at home. Using the 'Question Formulation Technique' in taking the six step approach to enquiries at GCSE and A-Level.

Decolonising Geography: A journey for #GAConf21

The theme for @The_GA #GAConf21 is #CompassionateGeography - To reflect that, the programme is quite diverse! So the #DecolonisingGeography educators group have collated sessions of interest. Check it out and share widely!

Open Letter to Richard Bacon MP – Invitation to the Big Climate Teach-in for MPs

#TeachersForClimateAction are calling on MPs support for their valuable climate education work. Read my open-letter invite to Richard Bacon MP.

Gender Identity in the 2021 Census

Gender Identity in the 2021 Census 2021: I reflect on this news with both a personal and a geographer's perspective. In both cases, I'm excited and somewhat relieved.

Ruskin Asks

At the end of the 2015-16 academic year, I had a young whipper-snapper of an Outstanding budding teacher called Mr Moses. Then I had the privilege of mentoring him, fast-forward four years and had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mr Moses for an episode of "Ruskin Asks", a project by The Priory Ruskin Academy's Geography Department and Eco-Committee. Hear me talk about my career experiences and the things I learnt along the way.

Available Now: GeogPod Podcast Interview

Live Now: My GeogPod Interview where I talk to John Lyon about why climate change is a safeguarding issue, eco-anxiety, how to navigate the politics of climate change, and teaching students to think critically about the climate.

2020 vision: through a geographical & personal lens

A long review of 2020. A combination of geography, education and personal matters. I could have just done a typical geographical 'review of the year', but feel that given the year has turned out the way it has, I cannot seperate it from my personal journey. Also I need to get my thoughts and feelings out there. If this is not for you to read, because you're only here for the geography or the education-side of things, then that's ok - the majority of you follow me for that reason. So if you're 'getting off the bus' now, then I wish you a Happy New Year and renewed strength and relience going forward. While one or more challenges may subside, others will take their place.