AirCore: An innovative approach

It’s taken me almost a couple of weeks, but I finally have a video edit of my recent experiences working with AirCore. Enjoy!


This video, along with the mock-up AirCore model I built will be used to show members of the public and NOAA collaborators the kind of work that goes on here at the labs. My ‘trial’ talks with a some tour groups seemed to have gone down well so far. 🙂

Enlarge (PDF): AirCore mock-up model and information sheet for NOAA Boulder tours

I just can’t get away from my day job! I’m regularly helping out with public and school tours. Here are some little 5th graders (Year 6s)! That afternoon I hosted a group of 11th graders (Year 12s). We discuss the work of the Global Monitoring Division, particularly how we obtain and record greenhouse gas levels. Telling them about the AirCore helps to explain the collaborative and inventive nature of the work done at NOAA Boulder.

Finally, I hope to help get this webpage on the NOAA ESRL GMD website updated. UPDATE: 21st November – Thanks to Kirk Thoning; my update of the official AirCore page is now live!

So now I can move onto a joining another group on a different project. I have a back-log of things I want to update, so hopefully I get that out in summary-form by the end of the week.


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