How to make a graph the talk of the town

A #NGSS workshop by one of the talented @exploratorium Teacher Institute staff demonstrates a range of strategies that makes CO2 graphical data a lively conversation piece. A very useful set of resources for teaching climate change.


AirCore: An innovative approach

Although my horizons are broadening and my skills are getting some sharpening, I get plenty of chances to not give up the day job!

Me and pilot Bear Givhan in front of the Mooney Ovation aircraft


Getting settled in, taking tours, and flying high in the sky to take atmospheric weather measurements - all a bit of a whirlwind!

NOAA and the floods…

Today I started as an 'affiliate' at the National Oceanographic & Atmosphere Administration's Earth System Research Laboratory (NOAA ESRL). My first day saw quite wet and cold weather conditions. And the mountains, just to the west, saw the first real snow fall this year. I was told that it was a little unusual for this … Continue reading NOAA and the floods…