Examples of climate and energy data visualisations and how they can be used in the classroom

An article written for the World Energy and Meteorology Council (WEMC).

It is becoming increasingly common place that education departments of governments around the world are including climate change in statutory policy. One such example is the recently released Sustainability and climate change: a strategy for the education and children’s services systems by the UK Government’s Department for Education, in which sets out four key strategic aims for its education sector. The first being “Excellence in education and skills for a changing world”. Such excellence can only come from a foundation of authoritative sources and robust understanding in basic principles and terminology. In the case of climate change, this includes climate science, its data, and the visual outputs they create.

Educators at the secondary phase of education, particularly in the subject areas of Science and Geography, are embracing the use of robust climate data and visualisations from authoritative sources, with some even going so far as to use climate services that aren’t designed for school-use within their teaching. In 2019, I wrote an article for a journal popular with secondary Geography educators defining what is meant by climate services and giving examples of how they could be used in a high-school setting – some of which I will revisit and take a fresh look here. The article and other case studies have been cited to demonstrate that an increasing number of educators are using similar tools in their teaching to ensure the data being using is robust and from authoritative sources.

This article will look at two groups of climate visualisations and their potential applications in the classroom: climate services that are not primarily aimed towards high-school teachers, and climate data visualisations and geographical information systems (GIS) tools that are.

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