The Human Element (GAConf18 Review Pt.2)

Flooding, GIS, the Anthropocene and the Arctic are some of the topics covered in Pt.2 of my #GAConf18 summary. Featuring: @GIS4Schools, @EnvAgency, @Arctic_Office et al. Also featured: @richardallaway and the incredible #TeachMeet!

Water from above, water from below

Being a Bay, you'd think San Francisco was worried about sea-level rise. But what's coming up from under their feet is just as alarming and it's the poorest who will suffer worst. Featuring: @sfwater, @ResilientBay, @kzhill, @ejcw, @RainforClimate, @thinkwalks

NOAA and the floods…

Today I started as an 'affiliate' at the National Oceanographic & Atmosphere Administration's Earth System Research Laboratory (NOAA ESRL). My first day saw quite wet and cold weather conditions. And the mountains, just to the west, saw the first real snow fall this year. I was told that it was a little unusual for this … Continue reading NOAA and the floods…