Why Not Now?: Doing it in style

👈 BACK TO POEM And you’re doing it in styleWith art, creativity and skill Working with the Horsham Youth Eco Forum and National Trust, Youth Climate Summit Ambassador Max has got up to plenty of things. As well as writing newsletters about climate issues, they have been taking part in one of the many citizen … Continue reading Why Not Now?: Doing it in style

Why Not Now?: Create news and spread the word

👈 BACK TO POEM Create news and spread the word!So others can follow what you do Jack Clark is a Youth Climate Summit Ambassador that is known not just in his own school, but across six. Jack helped to create an eco-group that spans a growing number of schools calling it the Climate Justice Revolution … Continue reading Why Not Now?: Create news and spread the word

Why Not Now?: Other Contributions

This page indexes all other contributions to the ‘Why Not Now?’ poem that do not have their own dedicated case-study page. 👈 BACK TO POEM Theirs is a Bright Green Future Youth Climate Summit (YCS) Ambassador Nyasha has taken part in Bright Green Future projects. ‘Bright Green Future’ (BGF) describe themselves as “an environmental leadership … Continue reading Why Not Now?: Other Contributions

Why Not Now sign up for the Youth Climate Summit!

Calling all teachers, schools and students at both the primary and secondary phases! The Youth Climate Summit is a free, week-long virtual festival (9-13 Nov) of themed discussions and activities. Read more to whet your appetite!

Interview: Akhera & Sam (Reroot.Ed)

For #BlackHistoryMonth, I had the pleasure of interviewing two inspirational young people, Akhera Williams and Sam Koffi of Reroot.Ed. Reroot.Ed is an educational campaign run by young black students. Their goal is to make the secondary school education system anti-racist, critical and inclusive.

The Anthropocene: Does Arrogance Outlast Decay?

NEW VIDEO: The Anthropocene: Does Arrogance Outlast Decay? An quirky presentation for Odd Salon "DECAY", an Exploratorium After Dark Residency. Blurb: Humans have been a ‘force of nature’ for only a few thousand years, depending on who you listen to. So it is arrogant to suggest a whole new geological epoch based on our actions? What human artifacts will be left after millions of years of decay?

NEW EVENT: Odd Salon “Decay”

It is with excitement & pleasure that I will be part of the line-up of Odd Salon's "Decay", an Exploratorium residency for their After Dark programme. It'll be fun and quirky, as well as educational! Click to find out more.

Ask a NOAA scientist!

Ask a @NOAA scientist! An offer to each #GeographyTeacher and their students to ask questions of some of the world's leading scientists based at @NOAA_ESRL - Check it out!

Climate Change: A Safeguarding Issue?

This week, the Autumn 2020 edition of the Geographical Association's GA magazine was published. Published in the it is an article I authored titled "Climate Change - A Safeguarding Issue?". I feel now is the right time to put forward the argument that climate change issues should be considered when it comes to a school's safeguarding duties.

Bridger Foothills Fire: The shifting bell-curve (climate change)

To what extent was the Bridger Foothills Fire due to climate change? Read how Montana's climate is expected to change and what this may mean for drought and fire risk.