Open Letter to Richard Bacon MP – Invitation to the Big Climate Teach-in for MPs

#TeachersForClimateAction are calling on MPs support for their valuable climate education work. Read my open-letter invite to Richard Bacon MP.

Gender Identity in the 2021 Census

Gender Identity in the 2021 Census 2021: I reflect on this news with both a personal and a geographer's perspective. In both cases, I'm excited and somewhat relieved.

Ruskin Asks

At the end of the 2015-16 academic year, I had a young whipper-snapper of an Outstanding budding teacher called Mr Moses. Then I had the privilege of mentoring him, fast-forward four years and had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mr Moses for an episode of "Ruskin Asks", a project by The Priory Ruskin Academy's Geography Department and Eco-Committee. Hear me talk about my career experiences and the things I learnt along the way.

Available Now: GeogPod Podcast Interview

Live Now: My GeogPod Interview where I talk to John Lyon about why climate change is a safeguarding issue, eco-anxiety, how to navigate the politics of climate change, and teaching students to think critically about the climate.

2020 vision: through a geographical & personal lens

A long review of 2020. A combination of geography, education and personal matters. I could have just done a typical geographical 'review of the year', but feel that given the year has turned out the way it has, I cannot seperate it from my personal journey. Also I need to get my thoughts and feelings out there. If this is not for you to read, because you're only here for the geography or the education-side of things, then that's ok - the majority of you follow me for that reason. So if you're 'getting off the bus' now, then I wish you a Happy New Year and renewed strength and relience going forward. While one or more challenges may subside, others will take their place.

Students as partners, not just stakeholders

An article was written for the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) "Ideas From Teachers" blog. Student leadership and youth empowerment has always been a core component of my approach to teaching, and I learned to recognise and move from ‘tokenism’ leadership towards ‘partnership’. Here’s my experience, which may give you some encouragement and ideas to hand over the reins yourself.

GAConf21 – Compassion via the Interwebs

The #GAConf21 Organising Committee can now confirm that the conference will be held online. Rest assured that the discussions taking place aims to turn a set-back into an opportunity to put on a great event.

Why Not Now? (Youth Climate Summit 2020)

A performance piece inspired by young people for the Youth Climate Summit 2020. Written, performed and produced by Kit Rackley. Watch the performance , and click on the links embedded in the lyrics to explore case-studies of positive climate action by young people.

Why Not Now?: There is no Planet B

👈 BACK TO POEM Because there “is no Planet-B”They rightly declare each FridayThe young and their allies know what’s a stakeThis is a climate emergency “Climate-related events that really gave me hope were the UK Youth Climate School Strikes.” says Youth Climate Summit Ambassador Chara. “Seeing so many people come together to fight for our … Continue reading Why Not Now?: There is no Planet B

Why Not Now?: The Penpont Project

👈 BACK TO POEM Together? What about three-hundred? Farmers, landowners, conservationists Will partner with you on a Brecon Beacon’s bluff Just faith and trust is all it takesFollow in their footsteps, set off a chain reactionAnd restore nature away from the rough Youth Climate Summit Ambassador Hana had the privilege of taking part in the … Continue reading Why Not Now?: The Penpont Project